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Norman Solomon “Civil Liberties Under Attack – What We Can Do”

At our monthly meeting on September 2, we were honored to have Norman Solomon attend and  speak on “Civil Liberties Under Attack-What Can We Do?”  He gave a thorough update on the current state of our civil liberties, particularly journalists trying to report the truth, like James Risen of the New York Times.  He gave us tips on how to be effective in communicating these concerns to ordinary people because these restrictions will affect everyone.  For example, young people could be encouraged to participate in this cause for their own self-interests.  His engaging and detailed history showed how this encroachment on our liberties is a danger to our Constitutional rights and that it is important to work to prevent the loss of these civil liberties if we are to have a true democracy.

Zaki Manian from Restore the 4th reported on latest regarding Urban Shield including that the situation in Ferguson, Missouri with the killing of an unarmed man has established the fact of urban police militarization.  He also spoke about the drone situation: Seattle banned drones.  He provided us with the latest legislative efforts and urged everyone to become familiar with these facts so we can communicate clearly these issues to our fellow citizens.


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Stop the War on Gaza!

On August 5, members of our Stop the Wars committee joined member group ANSWER Coaltion-SF in a demonstration in front of the Federal Building in downtown San Francisco to protest Representative Nancy Pelosi for her role in urging other congress members to send more of our tax dollars and weapons to help Israel in its continued bombardment of Gaza.  This action by Represntative Pelosi was shameful and yet another show of support by this administration of Israel’s illegal and massive destruction of Gaza and the killing of over 1,000 innocent civilians.

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Our Stop the Wars Committee Joins ANSWER Coalition’s Protest: AGAIN, Out of Iraq!

On Saturday, June 21, we joined our member ANSWER Coalition’s rally and march through downtown San Francisco’s shopping district from Market Street, up Powell and around Union Square to say:

No More War in Iraq!   Money for Jobs, Health and Education! Not for War and Devastation! and other chants against this latest effort to involve us in yet another conflict in Iraq.   People applauded us along the way.

Here are a few photos from that event:

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Civil Liberties Committee: We Visit and Rally at Senator Feinstein’s Office

On June 5, members of our CLC (Civil Liberties Committee) visited with Senator Feinstein’s office staff to request that the Senator support amendments to strengthen the Senate version of the “Freedom Act.”

We held a press conference and ABC-7 TV, KPFA, KQED radio covered our rally where speakers reported on this event, and Mike Rufo performed his “They Can’t Hide Their Spying Eyes” satirical song (to the Eagles “You Can’t Hide Your Lying Eyes” tune).  Although the almost hour-long meeting with the Senator’s staffers went well, Senator Feinstein has put out a statement saying that she is looking to strengthen surveillance, so she’s not doing the right thing to protect our rights under the Constitution.

Here are photos from this event:   


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2014 Spaghetti Dinner Videos!

The 2014 Spaghetti Dinner and Program for the 99% videos were just released.

The event was held at the First Unitarian Universalist Society of San Francisco, and the evening was huge success, fun, and educational.  You can view the four main portions of the event as listed below.

1.  Event intro and Activist Awards:

2.  Will Durst, comedian:

3.  Revolutionary Poets Brigade:

4.  Jerry Mander, activist and author on economics:


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2014 Spaghetti Dinner for the 99%

Picture group from the Spaghetti Dinner and Program:

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2013: Actions caught on camera!

More activities from 2013, view