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5 comments on “Contact Us

  1. Am involved with the OCCUPY movement in Berkeley. Can’t make the Feb 15th program, but very interested in the subject. Will you have any printouts that you might share following the event??

  2. Hi… Charlotte Scot from Rocky’s campaign… QUESTION,rather than having Rocky’s name linked to the UK Guardian, could it be linked to his website?
    voteRocky.org. It would be appreciayed.

  3. Do you have parking? If not, can you tell me where to find parking?

  4. Dear SF99percent:
    After watching/listening to the C-Span airing of your recent forum discussion with the greatest interest, I feel compelled to reach out. While there were many comments of interest to me during this event, perhaps of greatest interest were some of the comments by Dr. Flowers. Given this, and the increasing imperative that this movement come to greater clarity about what it supports, as opposed to merely what it opposes, I am writing to submit an essay for your consideration which may influence this important issue. Please see the free Google book, ACTIVIST ALERT: SINS OF OMISSION. At Google books, you may either search that title, or follow this link:

    Believing that you will find time reading this very well spent, I will look forward to continuing the discussion.

  5. Hi we are launching a web portal that will be dedicated towards companies that are reengineering their structures so as to share corporate profits to the 99 percent of us who use the services that have created the out of control corporate greed. Companies are beginning to emerge with reengineered corporate structures and we are looking to empower our web followers on cutting edge developments in this arena. Our focus will be make these resources available to the rest by sharing the wealth. We were hoping to find an individual in the los Angeles area we could contact to discuss our goal. Best. Regards Gerry summers. 310.866.0498

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