Wheel of Fortune slots and Roulette casino games for real money


Wheel of Fortune slots for fun

Wheel of Fortune slots, especially free online slot games are called the best fun for gamblers. Almost all slots Wheel of Fortune games are based on the principle: if a player spins the wheel, he never loses. Naturally, the value and the size of the prize vary, and they depend on the game type, the casino policy or special promotions. In many games of this type, like in roulette, players have to bet, and real money is often involved.

Wheel of Fortune slots: from the past to the present

The entertainment like Fortune Wheel slots does not have any specific author and it is not known where it was invented either. Its creation dates back to ancient times and there are only some versions of its origin. Over time, such entertainment migrated into peaceful life, becoming a frequent occurrence at various celebrations and fairs. Today, there are a lot of different options for this game, especially in Asian countries. There are also many television programs based on the idea of the Wheel of Fortune. The most famous is broadcast on US television and is called similarly.

Wheel of Fortune classic rules

The most famous slots Wheel of Fortune versions are:

  • Australian with 52 sectors;
  • American with 54 sectors.

2 additional sectors are formed by “joker” or “chance” cells and have increased payout ratios. The wheel itself is mounted vertically and has a pointer that unambiguously marks one and only one sector when the wheel is stationary. In front of the disc is a table for placing bets. There are various options for making bets, the payouts there are also different:

  • 2 segments with the number “20” — payouts are 20 to 1.
  • 4 with “10” — 10:1;
  • 7 segments of Wheel of Fortune slots with “5” — 5:1;
  • 15 with “2” — 2:1;
  • 24 with “1” — 1:1.

2 bonus segments of “joker” or “chance” bring the highest payouts that are 47 to 1.

The best games with the Wheel

Playing Wheel of Fortune slots, one can pick classic Wheel of Fortune game online or another variant of the Wheel of Fortune slot machine. There are hundreds of them, but the coolest gaming machines with the wheel should be mentioned.

Dream Catcher

Evolution Gaming developed its variation with a live dealer. They called it Dream Catcher. It is distinguished from the classical version by the presence of 1 sector with a payout ratio of 40 to 1. And also, instead of the “joker” sectors, there are 2 sectors-factors “x2” and “x7”. Since the provider mentioned above is the leader among developers of live games, its content can be found in many online casinos and one can easily find a place where to play Wheel of Fortune online, picking exactly Dream Catcher Wheel of Fortune slots.

Wheel of Fortune

This variation was created by BetGames. The disk has 19 sectors and 18 numbers are placed separately. The additional sector with the image of the cup is presented. Since the emphasis of this provider is made on expanding the number of betting options on the basis of the sweepstakes principle, in addition to standard bets directly on sector values, one can bet on odd / even, sector colors, more / less, etc. A new spin starts every 3 minutes.


These table games differ a lot from the initial “Lucky” wheel variants. There are various types of Roulette games, and the number of the wheel sections to bet on depends on a chosen game variant. Besides, Roulette games foresee the usage of strategies.

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