Wheel of fortune online game is quite popular and has many types


Wheel of fortune online game: variations of the game and where to play online

Initially, the wheel of fortune appeared on the popular TV show. According to the plot of the show, people went on stage to spin a wheel, receiving certain gifts or punishments. After that, the casinos picked up the idea and created a gambling game that quickly spread around the world. Nowadays you can find wheel of fortune online game in almost every online casino and download wheel of fortune application for your phone.

The rules of the game are pretty straightforward. In front of the player there is a wheel, split into sectors. Each sector has a unique meaning: cache, multiplier, free spin, bonus or bankrupt. When you spin the wheel, it makes several circles and finally stops at one of the sectors. Wheel sections depend on the type of game you are playing, as well as on the casino. Some sites even come up with custom wheel of fortune, which only increases interest in the game. Let’s look at what types of wheel of fortune games exist at the moment.

What are the types of online game wheel of fortune?

In online and real-life casinos, you can find several types of wheel of fortune online games:

  1. A game in the style of a wheel of fortune. The player selects the bet and spins the wheel. A multiplier, bonus, cache or nothing can get caught in a sector. The most popular wheels of fortune: original, 3x4x5x, double and triple diamond, golden spin, New Orleans and others.
  2. Slots with a wheel of fortune as a bonus level. Such slots are very popular in real casinos and are less common in online. The machine is a regular 3 reels or 5 reels slots with wilds, scatters and other symbols. One of the icons is a bonus. If in one spin you get 3 or more bonuses, the bonus level will start – the wheel of fortune. The wheel can be either one or three. One is responsible for coins, the other is for the multiplier, and the third is for bonuses. If you are lucky, then with such a bonus level you can get an amount significantly higher than the jackpot.

Some casinos or game developers may create their own game, which is different in mechanics, but this is rather rare. In a casino, you will most often see one of these two types wheel of fortune games.

How to play wheel of fortune online?

Start playing online wheel of fortune is very simple. First you need to choose a casino. At the start, make sure that your chosen platform provides slots with fortune or the game itself. If there is a game, then you can safely create an account. Many online casinos offer no deposit bonus, cash at registration and free spins, so at first you do not even have to deposit money. Fill in all the necessary information and sit down at the slot machine.

If the wheel of fortune is the main game, and not the bonus level, then select the desired bet and click on the Spin button. For each round you will receive coins and other bonuses.

If you play slots with a bonus level, then you should choose the machine with the highest return to the player. Join the game, choose the maximum number of paylines to get a bonus level and start spinning. Once you get a bonus level and earn a lot of cash from the wheel of fortune, you can try yourself on another machine with the wheel of fortune online game.

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