Play Wheel of Fortune: follow the main rules for a successful game


Play Wheel of Fortune – fun and games are guaranteed!

Many gamblers find this game based on the popular US show attractive and exciting, especially if play the Wheel of Fortune for money. The game has gained popularity among players from all over the world due to the simplest rules.

Since the creation of the game, it has got many different options: you can try your luck playing the classic or modernized wheel, you can also try Wheel of Fortune play for money or free demo version at the online casino.

Guideline on how to play Wheel of Fortune online

This game is often offered to newbies in online casinos, because this game, although similar to roulette, has much simpler rules. Just like in roulette, when you play online Wheel of Fortune, you must pre-place bets on the playing field for a certain sector to fall out. The number of sectors on the wheel, as well as betting options, may vary depending on the casino or developer.

For example, monetary values of 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 dollars can be placed on a wheel. The largest number of sectors – with a face value of 1, the smaller – 2, and so on. In addition to these sectors with monetary denominations, there can be two more sectors on the Wheel of Fortune: the joker and the logo (the sector with the casino logo).

Identical cells exist on the gambling table. The total number of sectors on the wheel may also vary. But the joker and the casino logo are usually present in the markup. In some variations on the sectors, some bonuses as additional prizes or multipliers may be applied.

Description of Wheel of Fortune video game

Let’s have look at how to play Wheel of Fortune (one of the variations of the game). The wheel of fortune board states that there are 39 multi-colored sectors, in which numbers from 1 to 36 and the “Spins” and “Bonus” sectors are placed. When the Spins sector falls out, a Free Spins circle consisting of 12 sectors appears in the center of the wheel. Half of them – without a win, on the rest – the numbers 1, 2 or 5 are placed. These numbers give the right to 1, 2 or 5 additional draws.

If the Bonus sector falls out, a “Multiplier” circle will appear in the center of the wheel, which gives the player the opportunity to increase their winnings at the current bet. Of course, only if it wins.

The table for the game is very similar to the table for roulette, but the choice of bets on it is slightly bigger. Since the sectors on the wheel have four colors, then you can bet on four colors. And the columns on the table are four, not three, as in roulette.

Here is the list of bets in this game (the payout in case of winning is indicated in brackets):

  • To a specific number (bet x 36);
  • To two adjacent numbers (bet x 18);
  • To four numbers in one square (bet x 9);
  • To four numbers in one row (rate x 9);
  • Into two adjacent rows (four numbers in each) (bet x 4.5);
  • Per column (bid x 4);
  • For a specific color (bet x 4);
  • For a dozen (bet x 3);
  • To an even/odd number (bet x 2);
  • To small numbers (from 1 to 18) (rate x 2);
  • To large numbers (from 19 to 36) (rate x 2);

Now you know the basic info and rules and can play online Wheel of Fortune game!

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