Our Organization

Our Organization’s Purpose Statement, Goals and Strategies and Guiding Principles 

Purpose Statement:  The purpose of the San Francisco 99% Coalition is to achieve our Goals through our accepted Strategies, consistent with our Guiding Principles.  

Goals:   (1) End War; (2) Tax Wealth; (3) Care for the People, (4) Protect the Environment. 

Strategies:  To educate, advocate, and coordinate social and political actions by working in coalition with, and offering support to, groups that promote nonviolent advocacy for equitable social, economic and environmental public policies.

 Guiding Principles:  We agree to recognize and value the humanity within each of us; we disavow all forms of stereotyping, racism and prejudice; we acknowledge political pluralism in the group; we demonstrate a commitment to nonviolence in our words and actions; we show respect for each other’s opinions during discourse of all types; we hold ourselves individually and collectively accountable for these values and we welcome anyone who will abide by our mutually agreed upon principles, strategies, and goals.  

Meetings:  Meetings are held at times mutually agreed upon, noticed by at least one week, organized with a facilitator, timekeeper and note-taker, and based upon a prescribed format normally lasting 1-1/2 to 2 hours. 

MembershipAll are welcome to attend our meetings and participate in discussions, offer ideas and suggestions.  People considering membership in the San Francisco 99% Coalition will need to attend two meetings before becoming voting members, be in agreement with the group guidelines, and pay dues of $2.00 per month.  These dues will be mitigated in the face of any economic hardship.  For those people who have been either attending on a continuous basis during the past year, or who have contributed to the group’s functioning when they could not attend physically at all times, will be exempt from the requirement of two meetings because that requirement has already been met.  

Voting Process:  For any vote a quorum of 9 members or more must be present.  A 2/3 vote of those present is required for passaage.

Committees:  Members may wish to join existing subcommittees or may wish to form a new committee via the proposal process below.  Committees may meet separately to offer new proposals for activities focusing on attaining our goals, upon which the entire coalition will vote upon, promote and support.  Generally the existing committees are either operational (pertaining to the internal functioning of the coalition), or activist, (promoting education, outreach, and political action). 

Proposal Process:  The proposal process for an action relating to our goals to be presented to the membership is: Contact your committee members and discuss the idea to be formulated and presented to members at a pre-meeting gathering or through emails only between the committee members, before presenting the brief written description to a general coalition meeting.  It will then be discussed by all members and voted upon at a regular meeting.  The proposal format shall include:

  • Name of proposal
  • Brief description of action (within our purpose/goals)
  • Who will participate
  • Need, practicality and resources
  • Timeline
  • Result anticipated  

Website:  Our website is:  https://sf99percent.org/  which contains the latest news and background of our organization.   If you are technically oriented and could assist with communications, please let us know.

 Email Listserv:  Our listserv is located on the yahoogroups online and you may sign-up to receive alerts, notices and basic information about our organization.

Website:  Our website is:  https://sf99percent.org/ which contains the latest news and background of our organization.   If you are technically oriented and could assist with communications, please let us know. 

Email Listserv:  Our listserv is located on the yahoogroups online and you may request to receive alerts, notices and basic information about our organization. 

Email:  Our email address is: sf99percent@gmail.com. 

Follow us on Twitter:  @sf99percent            

Facebook:  www.facebook.com/sf99coalition

6 comments on “Our Organization

  1. Hello —

    I’m wondering what Bay Area progressive groups are a part of your coalition? I hadn’t heard of you before……….and I’m on a million group emails. Thanks!

    • Members of the SF 99% coalition also belong to other organizations. The duty of members is to be a conduit between the Coalition and their other groups to keep everyone informed as to what is going on so that we can all work together to build a true democracy that responds to the voice of the people in the bay area. We work also with national groups that share our values. We have members in Single Payer, Code Pink, Amnesty International, Older Women’s League, Gray Panthers, ANSWER, Green Party, Progressive Democrats, Justice Party, People of CA12 and Occupy San Francisco. This is not a complete list.

  2. Thank you for putting together this program on February 15. I would like to videotape it with my camcorder if that would be okay with you. Please let me know. Thank you.

    -George Gaboury
    CWA -Nabet Local 51 E board Member

  3. Hi Folks,

    Just wondering if there’s a meeting tonight and if so what time? I belong to the Outreach Committee of Occupy SF and would like to come to one of your meetings to find out more about your group. I went to last week’s panel discussion and found it very interesting and inspiring – good job putting that together!

    On you contact page your e-mail address begins “st” is that correct or should it be “sf” ?

    Thanks very much.


    Andy Gillis

  4. Keep me posted. robertnoyola.8m.com

  5. The 1 per cent greedy population will break this nation, if we let

    them; we must change the government and the laws in this country.

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