Play Wheel of Fortune Games: Rules & Types available for players


To play Wheel of Fortune games is the best way to get acquainted with online gambling!

Since there are a lot of similar types of this game with the withdrawal of money, the aspects of play Wheel of Fortune games may differ slightly. But in general, the essence of the game in the Wheel of Fortune comes down to the same rules. The vertical wheel has numbered sectors of different colors. The players rely on the loss of a particular sector and can make bets on several sectors at once. Also, on the additional field outside the wheel, there are fields for group bets (on 2, 3, 4 sectors at the same time) or on color, odd / even, large and small numbers, as in roulette. Depending on the varieties of the online Wheel of Fortune, there can be a bonus sector or Joker. They start the bonus round in the game.

Play Wheel of Fortune Games: the Basic Rules

It is possible to explore the rules of the fortune game by taking the Super Wheel device from Play’n Go as an example. The game wheel has 104 sectors with the numbers 1 (blue), 3 (orange), 5 (green), 11 (purple), 23 (blue). The smaller the number, the more sectors are located on the wheel. There are also two sectors with the number 47. On one of which there is a horseshoe and on the second there is a star.

  • To play Wheel of Fortune games, gamblers need to press the start button, so the wheel starts to spin. When it stops, the pointer at the top will indicate the winning sector;
  • If the bet was made correctly, then the players receive a win. The number on the sector indicates the ratio with which the gain is calculated. For example, five means a winning ratio of 5:1, that is, another five is put on top of each chip;
  • The players can get the most significant win while guessing a horseshoe or star.

It is worth noting that players can spin the Wheel of Fortune for money with a live dealer. In many virtual clubs, there is entertainment called Dream Catcher. In some online casinos, the Wheel of Fortune starts a bonus. Players can determine for themselves what kind of bonus they are eager to get. Participation in the fortunes game is free. In some casinos, they do not put forward any requirements for watching Wheel of Fortune online, while in other users need to make a qualification deposit.

The Most Popular Types of Wheel of Fortune

Today, the users can play Wheel of Fortune games according to the rules similar to roulette. Although they should take into account the recently introduced rules. There are two foremost varieties of the games to play Wheel of Fortune:

  • American -it consists of 54 sectors, where the gain to the rate is 1:40;
  • Australian – it contains 56 blocks, and the probability of victory is 1:47.

Rules of the Wheel of Fortune play games in all its variations are the same. First, players need to decide on the size of the bet. Experienced gamers recommend making low bets, so as not to lose the entire deposit for several spins. Then they need to bet on any sector they like (the amount depends on the software manufacturers). After starting the wheel, users should wait for it to stop completely and examine the values that have fallen out. If the combination is winning, the score will increase. Players can stop at any time since there is no plot and logical conclusion.

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