Poker games recommended for beginners and professional gamblers


Poker games variants

Poker games are a large group of card games that contain an element of betting and use special cards combinations that let an online poker player to win the bank. Common to all “real” games of poker, where participants bet money, variants for free players, where cash is substituted with fake money or credits also exist.

Many poker games like popular Texas Hold’em require a lot of skill. This game is also known as the choice of professional WSOP players, fighting with their rivals for prizes that reach hundreds of thousands USD. However, newbies can also play it free — each one, who is eager to learn its gameplay to become a true gambler, can do it online. Cash “real” card games of this type are played almost exclusively in poker clubs and houses.

poker games

Poker games and their variety

The word “poker” appeared in the 19th century, and it is derived from another word — Pochen — translated as “brag” or “bluff”. It means that playing the best poker games, gamblers can pretend that they have beneficial cards combinations (hands), and bet high to deceive rivals. If they are believed, and the opponents give up, considering that they will fail with their cards, bluffing gamblers win automatically. However, this trick can be used mostly at real casinos — the machine responsible for a gambling process cannot be deceived.

There are also some games (often with the word “poker” in the name) that are not real poker games but are based on the card combinations and some poker rules used there. For instance, some of them are known as Pai Gow and Caribbean Stud, Video poker, etc.

Poker games basics

Poker is played between two or more participants that use a standard deck of 52 cards. The ranking of the denominations is the usual one, and Aces can be counted both high and low. Each participant plays for himself, team play is not allowed. During the ongoing handout, the remaining participants may not exchange information about which cards they are holding. Each participant has a set of chips, and the goal is to win as many chips as possible. The chips can have different denominations and normally correspond to certain amounts in real money. In private poker games, people play with cash, and in online poker, chips are mostly used. A game consists of a number of rounds that are played one after the other. Players always have the right to leave the party while new participants can join. The bank is given to the winner or winners. A so-called hand is the combination of cards, which number depends on the game variant. The number of betting rounds and exactly what happens between them varies between the different games. At least one round of betting must be held for it to be meaningful, and there are rarely more than five.

Poker for professionals and newbies

As both psychological and mathematical aspects of the game interact, poker is an intellectual pastime. Professionals know which poker games they can choose to succeed in and get a bank, while newbies are recommended to start with Texas Hold’em poker. It is considered to be a classic of Poker. If a person knows Hold’em and plays it well, counting all pros and cons of the hand he gets, he will master other poker variations.

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