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Norman Solomon “Civil Liberties Under Attack – What We Can Do”

At our monthly meeting on September 2, we were honored to have Norman Solomon attend and  speak on “Civil Liberties Under Attack-What Can We Do?”  He gave a thorough update on the current state of our civil liberties, particularly journalists trying to report the truth, like James Risen of the New York Times.  He gave us tips on how to be effective in communicating these concerns to ordinary people because these restrictions will affect everyone.  For example, young people could be encouraged to participate in this cause for their own self-interests.  His engaging and detailed history showed how this encroachment on our liberties is a danger to our Constitutional rights and that it is important to work to prevent the loss of these civil liberties if we are to have a true democracy.

Zaki Manian from Restore the 4th reported on latest regarding Urban Shield including that the situation in Ferguson, Missouri with the killing of an unarmed man has established the fact of urban police militarization.  He also spoke about the drone situation: Seattle banned drones.  He provided us with the latest legislative efforts and urged everyone to become familiar with these facts so we can communicate clearly these issues to our fellow citizens.


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