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SUCCESS: California’s Governor Brown signs AB351!

CONGRATULATIONS to all, especially our SF 99% Coalition Civil Liberties Committee, who called, emailed, faxed and appeared before legislative committees in Sacramento, to support this legislation targeting the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) which bars state cooperation with any attempt by the federal government to indefinitely detain people.  

On October 2, 2013.  Governor Brown signed into law AB351 which goes beyond any other state in rejecting federal indefinite detention power.  The law reads, in part:   

“It is the policy of this state to refuse to provide material support for or to participate in any way with the implementation within this state of any federal law that purports to authorize indefinite detenion of a person with in California.”

The NDAA allows the US military to indefinitely detain anyone – without charges or a trial – on the basis of “national security” concerns.  California joins two other states, Virginia and Alaska, which states have also signed bills into law prohibiting their states to cooperate with federal government ttempts at indefinite detention.

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