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Demanding Accountability from Elected Officials


“Nancy Pelosi, Stop NSA’s spying on US!”


Wednesday, September 4 – Noon to 1:00 PM

New Federal Building, 7th & Mission Street, San Francisco



PLEASE JOIN the SF 99 % Coalition and other concerned citizens to tell Nancy Pelosi: “Stop NSA’s spying on US! and live up to your oath to defend the Constitution, including the 4th Amendment!.”   Please attend and spread the word!  

Background: On July 24, 2013, House of Reps Democratic “leader” Nancy Pelosi was THE key to pushing the excellent Amash-Conyers “Defund the NSA phone records collection” down to a narrow defeat. She also voted NO, one of only 2 congress members from the SF Bay Area delegation (Thompson was the other) to vote against this first “stop buying spying” legislation following Ed Snowden’s revelations. Pelosi is completely out of step with her SF constituents on this.

Please call Pelosi’s office between now and then, to let her know that you disagree with her vote and actions to defeat the Amash-Conyers amendment: 

Phone numbers: (202) 225-4965 in DC office;  (415) 556-4862 San Francisco office   

Tell her to abide by her oath of office to protect and defend the US Constitution, including the 4th Amendment; and to stop funding the broad NSA surveillance of everyone who lives in this country!



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