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Public Panel Discussions on NDAA in the Bay Area

San Francisco 99% Coalition presents two panel discussions:

Our Vanishing Civil Liberties—Why It Matters, Now!

Sunday, July 29, 1 pm in San Francisco at the Unitarian Universalist Center, 1187 Franklin at Geary

Tuesday, July 31, 7 pm in Oakland at the Oakland Peace Center, 111 Fairmount at 29th 

Late last year, President Obama signed an annual military funding bill – the National Defense Authorization Act, or NDAA – including controversial provisions that could authorize the US military to indefinitely detain anyone in the US without trial. The statute is so vague that anyone could be detained in military custody: mere suspicion of association with potential terrorists (or, for that matter, disfavored demographic or political groups) could suffice. The war on terror has long undermined our civil liberties and enabled ethnic profiling.  The NDAA exacerbates that sad, outrageous, and continuing history.

A diverse panel will provide analysis, explore potential grassroots responses, and address questions from the audience.

Panelists in San Francisco on Sunday, July 29, 1 pm:

  • Shahid Buttar, Executive Director, Bill of Rights Defense Committee
  • Nancy Mancias, Code Pink Accountability Campaigner
  • Grace Shimizu, Asian Americans for Peace and Justice Organizer
  • Ashwak Hauter, Arab Resource and Organizing Center

Panelists in Oakland on Tuesday, July 31, 7 pm:

  • Shahid Buttar, Executive Director, Bill of Rights Defense Committee
  • Bob Meola, member of Movement for a Democratic Society-Bay Area
  • Debra Small of Break the Chains
  • Lee Tien, Senior Staff Attorney for the Electronic Frontier Fdn
  • Mike Flynn, National Lawyers Guild & Coalition for a Safe San Francisco
  • Ted Jitodai, Japanese American interned during World War II
  • Shannon Robinson, Legal Extern, Equal Justice Alliance
  • Moderator: Walter Riley, Civil Rights Attorney

“The purpose of the SF99% Coalition is to work in coalition with and offer support to groups which promote nonviolent advocacy for more equitable social, economic and environmental public policies.”  More information:  www.sf99percent.org  or leave a voice mail at 415-404-9973 (415-404-99SF).                

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