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NDAA update (May 23, 2012)  — The good news and the bad news;  what’s next; and what the SF 99% Coalition is doing in regard to the NDAA:

First the bad news:

 1)  House fails to amend NDAA to prohibit indefinite detention for people captured in theUS, butCalifornia’s Bay Area Democrats voted against indefinite detention and against the NDAA itself.

A bipartisan group of representatives worked together on an amendment to fix problematic provisions passed last year authorizing indefinite military detention. The amendment would have stated that people captured in the USwould not be subject to indefinite military detention. The amendment failed, 182-238. See the roll call here. (http://blog.peaceactionwest.org/2012/05/18/ndaa-grab-bag-the-highs-and-lows/)  

For the roll call on the House vote on the 2013 NDAA (with indefinite detention) go to:  http://politics.nytimes.com/congress/votes/112/house/2/291.

2)  The good news: A US district court judge issued a preliminary injunction against what she called “unconstitutional” indefinite detention provisions in the NDAA.

A federal judge in New Yorkon Wednesday [May 16] ruled in favor of a group of civilian activists and journalists and struck down highly controversial ‘indefinite detention’ and ‘material support’ provisions of the National Defense Authorization Act


3)  What’s next in Congress:  Today, Wednesday, May 23, the NDAA moves to the US Senate.  Senator Udall expected to come up with amendment against indefinite detention.  So for now, tell Senators Boxer and Feinstein:  No indefinite detention for anyone, citizen or non-citizen anywhere, but especially in our country!

Wednesday, May 23  

National Security/Detention: The Senate Armed Services Committee will begin its markup of the FY2013 National Defense Authorization Act and will continue the markup on May 24 and 25.

BORDC says we should look to Senator Udall for an amendment against indefinite detention and tell our US Senators to support him on that.

 4)  What we’re doing locally about NDAA in the next few weeks:  Working on a proposed joint effort with Occupy SF for an NDAA forum for activists;  leafletting against the NDAA at the SF Mime Troupe on July 4 (and possibly beyond);  planning an NDAA forum for the public on July 29;  finding and using Youtube and films for public education on the NDAA;  continuing our effort to pass a resolution against the NDAA at the SF Board of Supervisors;  a project in process promoting Civil Liberties Sermons at churches and synagogues on the weekend before the July 4 Independence Day holiday;  and continuing to push Congress to eliminate indefinite detention from the 2013 NDAA.

 Please join us to contribute your ideas, and organizing energy! 


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