Which Way Forward? A Public Forum

Which Way Forward?  A public forum presented by The San Francisco 99% Coalition
Direct Action, Electoral Politics, and Other Paths to Progressive Change in America

WED, FEB 15, 7:00 – 9:00 pm
First Unitarian-Universalist Church, 1187 Franklin Street (at Geary) San Francisco

Inspired by the nationwide and international Occupy movement, this program will explore how activists can devise effective strategies to bring about a more just, peaceful and humane society.

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ROCKY ANDERSON, Justice Party candidate for US President
, Physicians for a National Health Program; Occupy-Washington DC
, Progressive Democrats of America-SF; former Mass. State Representative
, SF Labor Council; ILWU Longview port support
Moderated by ROSE AGUILAR, host of KALW’s “Your Call.”

Question and Answer session will follow the panel discussion.

Admission: $10 (nobody turned away for lack of funds)
Wheelchair accessible
Sponsored by the SF99percent Coalition

6 comments on “Which Way Forward? A Public Forum

  1. Unbelievable to me that Rocky Anderson, with no ballot lines, no platform and no prospects is invited to this and Jill Stein, the presumptive Green Party nominee, who has been campaigning her ass off and touring the country to spread the word about the need for real alternatives – and who will be on the ballot in at least 40 states – is not. WTF??

  2. Oh, wait, now I see – the PDA will be there. Might as well invite MoveOn and Rahm Emanuel, too. WALOC.

  3. The political, electoral, judicial and financial systems are all corrupt. No immediate remedy will be found through these systems until they are either reformed (which is unlikely) or removed and replaced. Thus, non-violent direct action is the only logical course of action left to the American people.

    If anyone truly wants to bring together the “99%”, then they need to limit their focus to issues on which everyone agrees. The aforementioned corruption is that set of issues.

    It makes absolutely no sense to argue about the size and/or role of government when the government we have is as corrupt and illegitimate as it is now.

    We need to reach out to and bring together every community we can as we work to rehabilitate our corrupt institutions.

    We also need to continue to create new approaches to meeting everyone’s basic human needs as we move forward, because real change only happens when the new replaces the old.

    Our strategy has to combine non-violent direct action which exposes and undermines the existing, corrupt institutions and paradigms while creating sustainable, truly democratic communities.

    Full transparency, accountability and participation are the key tenets to creating any meaningful, peaceful change.

    Our tactics should include strikes, boycotts and protests; always non-violent and always with a clearly defined goal. Public education on issues, goals, strategy and tactics is paramount to success and the continued growth of any movement which endeavours to be successful.

    The corrupt elites who our are adversaries employ overlapping strategies of tension. They use a variety of “divide and conquer” tactical approaches which highlight xenophobia and push wedge issues.

    Thus, we must counter this by always emphasizing that we have far more in common as humans than the relatively minor issues constantly pushed to create artificial divisions.

    The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.


  4. I just watched your program on C-Span. I didn’t see much color. Where were all African Americans & Hispanics? There is more diversity at the local Elk’s Club!!
    You are a joke.

  5. […] interest I sat down and watched the rest of the program. The forum, which was organized by the The San Francisco 99 Percent Coalition, included these four leaders on the panel… Margaret Flowers – Made the opportunity cost […]

  6. Thanks for organizing this! Prior to watching the video on C-Span I had a completely negative perception towards the OWS movement. After listening to Margaret Flowers though I can see that the movement has great potential…


    The beauty of her strategy is that it is completely immune to even the best libertarian critiques of the Occupy Wall Street Movement…


    Not only is it immune…but her basic practical message of competing with corporations (ethical productionism?) is something that all libertarians can and should support.

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