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Spahetti Dinner, Feb 28, 2015: An Exciting and Memorable Evening!


Pictured above is Janet Weil, our Mistress of Ceremonies.  To start off the program, Robin Larsen, chair of Unitarian Universalists for Peace & Justice-SF, the co-sponsor of this event, welcomed the audience and acknowledged the talented volunteers responsible for organizing, cooking, doing PR and all the tasks necessary to produce this event.  Thanks to all the SF 99 Percent volunteers who made it happen!

Our main speaker was Dr. John A. Powell, UC Berkeley Professor of Law, African American and Ethnic Studies, who gave an inspiring talk based on his book, Racing to Justice, Transforming Our Conceptions of Self and Other to Build an Inclusive SocietyRev. John Buehrens introduced Dr. Powell, and spoke about our UU involvement in the civil rights struggle. Janet Weil of Code Pink held forth as mistress of ceremonies, introducing stars such as beloved SF politician Tom Ammiano, and four outstanding activists, Nadia Kayalli (Civil Liberties), Larry Danos (Environmental Issues), Gloria LaRiva (Stop the Wars & End Racism) and Tim Redmond (Care for the People), each of whom described their work and encouraged the audience to join in these issue activities.  Musician Mike Rufo sang his original wording Your Lying Eyes song. Our superb chef, Nancy Nielsen, again produced her famous recipe for spaghetti sauce and a delicious dinner, enjoyed by an overflow audience from the Bay Area.  Pending completion and distribution of the video, click here to view pics:  

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Spaghetti Dinner for the 99 Percent – Saturday, February 28th

Join us for our 4th Annual Dinner and Program to celebrate our work for the past year, and to hear about future efforts.  Our featured speakers are renowned in their special areas of justice endeavors.  In addition to a delicious gluten-free spaghetti dinner, this evening will be fun and educational!  Local activists to be honored for their activism to advance the goals of our coalition are:

  • LARRY DANOS, for his advocacy and educational efforts to Protect the Environment.
  • NADIA KAYYALI/Electronic Frontier Foundation, for opposing government bulk surveillance and other attacks on our Constitutional rights.
  • GLORIA LA RIVA, for working to End the Wars and discrimination towards racial minorities and other countries in particular Cuba and the Cuban Five.
  • TIM REDMOND, for his writings exposing the economic inequality of the 99% especially in San Francisco.


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Black Lives Matter!

Members of our San Francisco 99% Coalition have been participating in various demonstrations held around the Bay Area in the last few weeks in response to the continuing injustice of the blatant murder of black men by police with apparent impunity.  On December 6th the Answer Coalition sponsored a major march to downtown San Francisco where we closed down Market Street at Powell and Market Street for almost two hours.  Members of the coalition committed civil disobedience and were arrested, including Richard Becker, Gloria LaRiva, Janet Weil, Dolores Perez Priem, Larry Danos and others.  We will be continuing to organize and hold educational events to promote racial justice and see real change in this country.

Janet-Dolores DPArrest FriendArrested1205O Janet

Click below to see more pictures of this demonstration and civil disobedience:


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“The Ugly, the Bad, and the Good!” Election Analysis with Barry Hermanson

Our SF 99% monthly meeting this Tuesday, November 11, will feature an election analysis from Barry Hermanson of the Green Party.  Everyone welcome and bring a friend!

Unitarian Universalist Center – Martin Luther King Rm

1187 Franklin Street, corner Geary Blvd,  San Francisco


6:00 –                 Potluck Dinner (pizza provided, other food dishes welcomed!)

6:30 – 7:25         Regular Meeting.   Agenda: Intros; Committee Reports/Actions; Announcements

7:30 – 9:00        Program:  Barry Hermanson, prior Green Party candidate for public office and knowledgeable analyst of current  trends locally and nationally.  Audience participation most welcome / Q and A will follow.

Parking is allowed at 6:00 pm on the right side of Franklin Street – Wheelchair accessible.

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Demonstrators protest Obama policies during recent fundraising stop in San Francisco!

President Obama recently visited San Francisco on October 10, 2014 on a fundraising mission.  While he was downtown, many protesters showed up and demanded an end to the latest bombings of Iraq and Syria, use our tax dollars to fix Medicare instead, stop sending drones to other countries which kill innocent civilians and inflame hatred for the United States, and end support for Israel.  Members from Code Pink, Nancy Mancias and Bobbie Raymond, were interviewed on TV and the SF Chronicle, giving their opinions that the President should stop aggressive waring and get back to making peace, as a Nobel Peace Prize awardee.  Prominent among the crowd were the ANSWER Coalition-San Francisco, Single Payer Now, World Can’t Wait and many other San Franciscans who participated in action.

Bobbie Raymond of Code Pink provided these pictures:

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Norman Solomon “Civil Liberties Under Attack – What We Can Do”

At our monthly meeting on September 2, we were honored to have Norman Solomon attend and  speak on “Civil Liberties Under Attack-What Can We Do?”  He gave a thorough update on the current state of our civil liberties, particularly journalists trying to report the truth, like James Risen of the New York Times.  He gave us tips on how to be effective in communicating these concerns to ordinary people because these restrictions will affect everyone.  For example, young people could be encouraged to participate in this cause for their own self-interests.  His engaging and detailed history showed how this encroachment on our liberties is a danger to our Constitutional rights and that it is important to work to prevent the loss of these civil liberties if we are to have a true democracy.

Zaki Manian from Restore the 4th reported on latest regarding Urban Shield including that the situation in Ferguson, Missouri with the killing of an unarmed man has established the fact of urban police militarization.  He also spoke about the drone situation: Seattle banned drones.  He provided us with the latest legislative efforts and urged everyone to become familiar with these facts so we can communicate clearly these issues to our fellow citizens.


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Stop the War on Gaza!

On August 5, members of our Stop the Wars committee joined member group ANSWER Coaltion-SF in a demonstration in front of the Federal Building in downtown San Francisco to protest Representative Nancy Pelosi for her role in urging other congress members to send more of our tax dollars and weapons to help Israel in its continued bombardment of Gaza.  This action by Represntative Pelosi was shameful and yet another show of support by this administration of Israel’s illegal and massive destruction of Gaza and the killing of over 1,000 innocent civilians.


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